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H8810S vehicle HDD DVR+GPS


Product Details

H.264 High Profile,higher compression rate, local real-time D1 surveillance; Double Anti-Vibration protects hard drive more greatly under different road environment;All the Power,Audio and video's connectors are Aviation,more stable.

Product Model Introduction
1、Standard H.264 High Profile Video Compression,higher image quality,
   higher compression ratio. Most of other similar products can be only up
   to Main Profile standard.
2、Supporting storage's device:2.5 inch mechanical hard drive(1TB),2.5
   inch Solid hard drive,SD card.
3、Support wide voltage input,DC 6V~32V,vehicles with 12V or 24V power
   providing are available.
4、Device provides every camera with stable 12V power,with short circuit
5、Device's power-on/off can be controlled by vehicle's ignition,and
   ignition signal controls power-off time delay function..
6、Support many kinds of video recording ways,such as automatically
   continuous record after power-on,opening door to trigger recording,
   timing time recording,alarm recording and etc.
7、Can record the license plate number with 3 channel sensor input,record
   the door-open,brake,direction turning,whistle and so on with separate
   video package.
8、The hard drive can better protect hard drive with moving and floating
    anti-vibration  function,the reading rate can be up to 25MB/S in
    computerwith good card reader.
9、GPS track playback,GPS overspeed alarm.
10、Anti-vibration shelf base has excellent cardan anti-vibration function
    with buckled connector,so that the device can be separated with
    anti-vibration shelf base quickly and installed in vehicle.
11、The anti-vibration materials of hard drive box and anti-vibration shelf
    base can bear high and low temperature(-60℃至100℃)、with acid and
    alkali resistance,no aging used in vehicle environment for long time.
12、The device shell uses alloy material with instant fileproofing ability.
13、The connector of power,audio and video is aviation so that device
    connection is more stable,most of other similar products' power,
    audio and video use plastic buckle.
14、Language:Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Sp

Technical Parameters


Device Parameters

Performance Indicators


Operation System

Embedded Linux Operation System

Operation Language

SimplifiedChinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Spanish

Operation Interface

Graphical Menu Operation Interface

Password Security

Two-level ManagementUser Password and Administrator Password

Main Processor



Video Input

4 channel Composite video inputvehicle aviation connector

Video Output

1 channel audio and video outputvehicle aviation connector

Video Display

Support single one and four images display

Video Standard

PAL System25frs    NTSC System30frs


Audio Input

4 channel audio inputvehicle aviation

Audio Output

1 channel audio output

Audio Record

Audio and video synchronous record

Image Processing and storage

Image Compression

H.264variable bit rateVRB/constant bit rate

Image Format

CIF/D1 optional

Surveillance quality   PAL720x576D1) NTSC720x480

Playback quality   PAL352x288CIF) NTSC352x240CIF)

Video Bit Rate

64Kbps~1.5Mbps6 levels image quality optional

Audio Compression


Audio Bit Rate


Data Storage

2.5 inch hard drive and SD card64GB maximum


Alarm Input

3 channel alarm input


1 buzzer alarm

Power supply

Power Input

Voltage input +6V~+32V

Voltage Output

Voltage output 12V+/-0.2V),2A maximum.


More than 3.3V

Alarm type is customizable3 channel alarm inputMore than 3.3V


Built-in GPS module

Accompanying Software

PC Playback Software

Video file playbackserver software3G client


                       Main Function

Function Classification

Function Description

Video Record

1Support 4 kinds of record mode: manual recordtiming recordmotion detection recordalarm record

2Support 4 channel CIF real-time record or 1 channel D1 real-time record

3Support PAL and NTSC TV system

4Record OSD overlaysuch as timelicense plate numberchannel namestation reporting information and etc.

5Support hard drive and SD card storage.

6Support hard drive and SD card automatical overwritten

7Panoramic vehicle reverse function

Audio Record

1Support 4 channel audio input

2Audio and video synchronous processing


Support 1 channelD1)、4 channelCIFpreview


1Support 1 channel video playback

2Support 4 channel video playback

3Support playpauseframe intoslow and fast motionlast sectionnext sectionmute functions and etc.

4Support video file retrievaltime retrievalchannel number retrievalrecording type retrieval


Support local semaphore alarmmotion detection alarm and abnormity alarm

Information Record

Support license plate numberroad line numberdevice number record

Power on/off Control

1Support timing power-on/off

2Support power-on and power-off delay controlled by vehicle keyACC


Support manual and automatical upgrade

Serial Port

RS485 control PTZ function


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